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Fan Blade Puller Tool – Fan E TooL

Fan E Tool Inc. of Smithville, Tennessee, has introduced the Fan E Tool; an HVAC fan puller device that enables the service technician to remove a fan blade or blower without the help of a second technician. This breakthrough in HVAC repair technology will aid efficiency, safety, and help to keep costs down as well. Our founder, Dwayne Foster, is an HVAC industry professional with 30 years of experience who saw a need for a fan puller tool that had the ability for one service technician to operate. He invented this incredible tool that actually replaces a second person, often required for fan wheel removal. The Fan E Tool now enables one person to quickly remove a fan blade or blower in about two minutes. Our new American-made, fan blade puller tool is composed of solid steel and coated to prevent rust.

If you work in the HVAC industry, you understand the need for tools that allow technicians to operate independently without the help of another person. With our HVAC fan puller at Fan E Tool Inc., we gave service technicians the ability to entirely remove a blower wheel, air conditioning, or condenser fan by themselves, which saves on costs, time, and the efficiency in which things are repaired.

If you have more questions about our fan blade puller tool, feel free to contact us today at (833) 228-2592.

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