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3 HVAC Specialty Tools to Never Leave Home Without

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that your career as an HVAC technician will never be dull. Regardless of what season it is outdoors, you will always be moving from one job to the next for repairs, maintenance, and installations. When you are out on the job, there are specific tools you need to have with you at all times so you can get the project done right the first time, no matter what you might be doing. Here are three HVAC specialty tools that you should never leave home without before going to work.

An electrical tester – One of the most essential HVAC specialty tools you will need on the job is an electrical tester. When you are working on a repair or maintenance job, you are most likely going to be near systems that may have an electrical component to them. It is crucial to your safety while working to know which of these components is live and which are not so you can protect yourself from being electrocuted. An electrical tester is a specialty tool that gives you an accurate reading of which elements around you have a live, electrical current and which ones do not.

Lineman’s pliers – Another tool that you should never leave home without when you are heading to a job is a pair of Lineman’s pliers. While you may not think they are necessarily considered one of the most important HVAC specialty tools, Lineman’s pliers are vital to your job as a technician. Electricians generally use these pliers; however, HVAC technicians also use them to cut electrical wiring in air conditioning and heating systems. They are a good investment purchase for your toolkit so that there are not any wires you cannot bend, cut or twist.

An AC fan blade puller – Have you ever gone to a job with another technician, only to learn that you have just to get rid of the air conditioning unit’s fan blade? The Fan E TooL, which is available in our store, eliminates the need for a second technician to be on the job to remove the system’s fan blades. Additionally, it is one of those HVAC specialty tools that you can use for many repair, maintenance, and installation jobs for years to come.

If you are looking for our fan blade puller, you can find it with the rest of our HVAC specialty tools today in our store. For more information on any of our products, contact us today at (833) 228-2592.