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Things to Check Before Turning On An Air Conditioning Unit

With your busy season right around the corner as an HVAC professional, there are specific things you need to check on an air conditioning unit that might get lost in the hustle of getting the job done. Even though you are a trained professional, some checkpoints might fly under your radar from time to time, especially when you are at your busiest time of year. Along with having our AC fan blade puller handy, it is crucial that you are keeping a detailed list of things to inspect before firing up your client’s air conditioning unit for the year. Here are a few checkpoints that we think are essential.

Always check the refrigerant levels – One of the most important parts of a properly functioning air conditioner is the refrigerant levels. While there are many other components of an air conditioning unit that should be checked before turning a system on for the warmer months, the refrigerant levels are extremely telling to what else is happening throughout the unit. From a leak in a coil to an issue with drainage, checking the unit’s refrigerant levels before you turn on the unit can save you time down the road.

Always check the condition of the coils – Another spot to check on your customer’s air conditioning unit is the condition of the condenser coils. Since the condenser coils play such a large role in the overall performance of the unit, checking to see if they are damaged, clogged, or frozen before powering on the system can prevent other issues from happening. Our AC fan blade puller can only do so much to repair the unit’s blower, but if a coil not functioning correctly is causing the problem there, you are in for more work ahead.

Always check the compressor fan – For many HVAC professionals, inspecting the unit’s condenser fan is a logical checkpoint in their seasonal maintenance plan. Unfortunately, the compressor fan can often be overlooked due to other parts of the system malfunctioning. As one of the most common HVAC repair problems that technician’s face each day, a broken condenser fan is a simple fix when you have our AC fan blade puller to help repair it. However, if you are not looking there right off the bat before signing off on your customer’s unit for the summer, you could be called in for additional repairs later that week.

Summer is right around the corner, so make sure you keep our AC fan blade puller near for fast and efficient HVAC projects. To order our tool or to find more information on how it can help you on the job, give us a call today at (833) 228-2592.