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Common Issues Our Fan Blade Puller Tool Can Help Fix

It happens: you are in your bed on a hot, humid night, when suddenly your air conditioning unit makes a loud noise and then shuts off. You do not have any air conditioning, and you have to suffer through this unfortunately muggy night with no relief. This scenario is entirely too familiar for some homeowners, and many times it can be attributed back to their air conditioning unit’s fan blade. The fan’s blades, which are the crucial parts of the fan that helps to keep your unit running correctly, can become worn, damaged, or ineffective for a variety of reasons. Luckily, our fan blade puller tool at Fan E TooL can help to solve many of the common issues seen with fan blades. Here are a few complications with a unit’s fan blades that we often see that our tool can help to remedy.

The fan blades are caught on something in the unit – Many air conditioning units have an automatic stop mechanism on them if something gets caught in them to prevent whatever it is from catching on fire, damaging the unit further, or causing the motor to malfunction. Whether it is a piece of debris from outdoors or a string that was sucked into the unit, this can cause the fan blades not to work properly. Our fan blade puller tool can remove the blades from the equipment without the help of another technician and adequately unhinge them from whatever they were caught on.

The fan blades are bent or broken – Another common issue we see with fan blades is when they are bent, broken, or damaged physically, which is preventing the unit from functioning correctly. Sometimes, blades can get bent from being old or from another repair that was either done by the homeowner or someone who was not paying full attention to the proximity of the blades. Bent or damaged blades can cause severe issues to the rest of the unit in many different ways, but also can be very loud for the homeowner as well. Our fan blade puller tool can remove the broken or bent blades by one technician, and can save the homeowner costs from additional repairs down the road.

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