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Cutting Operational Costs With Our Blower Motor Removal Tool

When it comes to running an HVAC business, operational costs can catch up with you after some time. From the marketing campaigns to paying your technician’s wages, the price of running a business can be high in the HVAC industry. While this is true for many service-related industries, it is particularly relevant to the HVAC industry because of the type of work that is done there. However, there are a few different ways to lower your operational costs with our blower motor removal tool at Fan E TooL. Here are just a few that we can think of that will reduce your operations costs by using it.

Eliminates the need for another technician on the job – One of the best and most useful things about our blower motor removal tool is its’ ability to have one technician operate it. When there is a broken blower motor in a unit, it is usually a two-person job to remove and replace it with a new motor. However, our unique tool allows one person to take out the faulty motor and install the new piece without the help of a second technician. By eliminating the need for another technician on the project, you are in return reducing operational costs because you only have to pay one employee’s salary.

It reduces costs spent on tools – In the HVAC industry, having the right tools for the job is crucial. Every technician carries specific tools with them to each project so that they are able to do whatever the customer needs them to do in that timeframe. As you can imagine, carrying around a significant amount of tools can be cumbersome for the technician and can be costly to maintain. Our blower motor removal tool helps to keep the number of tools your technicians carry with them to a minimum, as our device is able to take out the old blower motor and install the new one. By using our blower motor removal tool instead of purchasing individual tools for each technician, you are helping to lower your operational costs as a business.

If you are interested in learning more about our blower motor removal tool, how it works, and the instructions on how to use it, feel free to visit our Installation Instructions page. If you need more information on