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How Our Fan Puller Tool Can Help Find the Root of the Noise in Your Air Conditioner

There is no real way to explain the frustration that arises in a homeowner when their air conditioning kicks on with a loud, clanging noise that shakes the whole house. You have to turn the volume up on your TV, talk louder when you are on the phone, and yell to your family members that are in another room when your AC unit starts up. The noise is distracting, and can mainly be exasperating when you are lying down to sleep at night. We have good news, though: you do not have to endure this deafening racket, and it can be fixed with our fan puller tool. Here are a few ways in which our tool can help HVAC professionals find the cause of the commotion in your air conditioner.

It can readjust things that are off-kilter – One of the most frequent causes of the loud noise in an air conditioning unit is that the blower wheel is off-kilter. The blower wheel is the part of the air conditioning unit that physically encases the fan blades. It is used to house the blades and propel the cool air throughout the home. However, the blower wheel sometimes becomes disjointed from the fan blades and does not work in sync with the fan, causing a rattling or clanging noise. Our fan puller tool can remove the fan and the blower wheel, allowing the HVAC professional to readjust it so that it remains balanced.

It can find the cause without the help of another technician – One of the most challenging things about finding the root of an air conditioning unit’s loud noise is sometimes another technician being there. While many HVAC professionals rely on another set of eyes to help them through stressful repair jobs, many technicians prefer to work independently for a variety of reasons. Another person on the job can not only make finding the root of the noise difficult because they are also occupying the same space, but they can make it harder to hear the sound as well. Our fan puller tool allows the HVAC technician to remove or replace whatever piece of the fan that is causing the ruckus without another technician being present.

Having a fan puller tool that gets the job done in half of the time and without the help of another professional is only one click away in Fan E TooL’s store. If you have specific questions about our tool that is not answered here, please contact us by giving us a call today at (833) 228-2592.